It's fall already and I can hear the collective groans from those of you who hate the pumpkin spice takeover. Now before I explain why you're wrong to dislike the pumpkin month, let me start by saying I understand. Pumpkin spice does not belong in dog treats, dish soaps and such, that is just going overboard. So I truly understand why it can be annoying. BUT.....It's once a year. Once a year an event happens that turns normal bland Pale Ales, Stouts and Porters into a fantastic spiced beer with the occasional yam thrown in. And because it's once a year, don't begrudge those that enjoy it, because it is fleeting.

Now on to beer talk and what is going on with MuninnBrewing. We brewed our fist Pumpkin Ale "Munkin" and despite going for an ABV of 9.1 it appears we are much lower in the 5.2 range, which is a good thing because we can drink more of it. I call this a spiced beer because I did not use yams this time, however I do have plans to do so either next month or next year, depending on time. We have been pretty silent the past couple months despite making a fair amount of beer. We had a basic pitch pale ale and lager. However each batch had an off flavor I did not appreciate and did not want to really talk about until I figured out why we had these issues. I ended up throwing out about 15 gallons of beer because of this off flavor. Turns out I was using a new Pale Malt. And it was the cause of the off flavor and something I started noticing in the bigger brewers beers. So from now no, no Pale Malt. We will be sticking to 2 row for our main grain from now on. Speaking of sticking to things, after a year of brewing each month I can safely say we have at least a couple beers we will start brewing consistently

Broken Bunny Cream Ale - This was by far a favorite with it's low abv and clean orange flavor. We may do a few variants, like lime or vanilla, but will be keeping this hop free!

Death By Bridges - This was also a favorite but one that needed to limited due to its high ABV. It has a very big kick and the deep cocoa and peanut butter make it more of a meal than a beverage.

Munkin - Although new, this one has some great spices with a good stout flavor to back it up. A little heavy on the clove, but I think the addition of yams will round this out. I may even keep this on tap for those of us living the PSL.

In the near future we will be trying our hand at a Berliner Weiss with some fruit in it and a Oktoberfest. Until then, have a beer and enjoy the fall season with the ones you love!