Why a beer is never ruined.

If you noticed our first red of the year was a mistake and that's OK.

I love Irish Reds, I love the malty flavor and the very slight bitterness to it. Now if you know me, you know I am not one for bitter beers, but the reds usually have a good balance to this. So I decided it was time to make my own red. I started building my recipe and got some advice from some friends on ingredients. Now we recently switched from a BIAB method to an all electrical all grain brewing and I would love to say this was the cause of my mistakes. Some of it was, but honestly I saw the mash temp of 165 and never looked again at it. Something I learned that I was not aware of, higher mash temps mean sweeter beers. An Irish Red calls for a mash temp of 156 to really bring out that malt flavor and add some bitterness, but because I mashed at 165, not only was the beer going to be sweeter, it also meant I missed my efficiency. In a rush to fix this, and having no extra grain on hand, I added 1.5lbs of honey. In the end I made up the difference and ended the brew at kegging at 6.0ABV

I was worried. Due to the mistakes I made and the addition of honey I had no idea what this beer would be like and I was pretty sure I would end up dumping this batch. However I am happy to say that it turned out alright. It has a lot less of a body then I expected, but it is a clean smooth drink with a slightly sweet finish. An easy drinkable and dare say refreshing red as those spring days start to warm up. The moral of the story is, not all mistakes end in lost beer. Everyone has a different palette and although not everyone will like the finished product, there are plenty that will.

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