Beer League

Before we get into any real detail, let's clarify that a beer league is really just an excuse to get together with others, try new beers and share your thoughts.  With that out of the way let's talk about the logistics.

The basics are each person will draft a brewery, keeping in mind availability and what beers they offer. No one can have the same brewery.  The amount of breweries you will be drafting will really depend on the length of the season. Our league is 6 weeks so each person needs to draft 6 breweries, we used a snake draft to make this as fair as possible. Once the draft is done, the real work begins.


The league should determine what style of beer is required for each week and keep it posted for members. At this point you need to research what beers from your breweries are available and match the style of the week, this may require you tasting a fair amount of beer you may never have had before.  

On tasting day, no one should know what you brought, and you will either need to pour your own or have a designated person to pour all the beers while the participants are out of the room. each pour should be about 3 oz, so make sure you bring enough for each member.  Each person will have a letter, A through J or however many people you have.  Once the beers are poured you will sit down and judge each beer and give it a ranking of 1 through 10 or however many beers are there.  Whoever gets the highest score, wins that week and scores are carried over each week for an accumulative season score.  

Let me share an example of how this works for one person.  I drafted 6 breweries, and the first week of tasting is porter week.  I then decided what brewery I drafted had the best porter and purchased enough beer for 10 3oz pours.   Easy right?

If you're interested in joining our league, or want more information, feel free to contact us.